About Natsume Research Institute

At Natsume Research Institute, we are conducting basic research on cutting-edge pupil response analysis technology.
By analyzing the movement of the pupil and quantifying emotions (unconscious human reactions) that have not been available until now, we are able to utilize this technology as objective data in a variety of fields.
The possibilities of our pupil response analysis technology are expanding from medical care to education, living environment, crime prevention and entertainment.


The eyes are the windows to the mind.
With pupil response analysis technology.
You will see what you couldn't see.

The eyes are the windows to the mind. This is a universal perception. The response of the pupils cannot be controlled by human will. In other words, a person's true emotions are expressed in the eyes.
Pupil response analysis technology is a groundbreaking method for deriving objective emotional data that eliminates ambiguity and instability in subjects' self-reports by analyzing and quantifying pupil responses using a scientific approach. At Natsume Research Institute, our goal is to realize a society where people around the world can live in good health, safety, and peace of mind through this technology.

The response of the pupil is controlled at the same innate instinctual level
as the heart and lungs.

  • ◉ Any race.
  • ◉ Not able to control by oneself.
  • ◉ Not able to lie.
  • ◉ It is the most primitive biological response of an animal.

→ Pupils cannot lie, regardless of race, gender or age.

Source: Donald A. Norman Emotional Design

The advantages of Natsume Research Institute's pupil reaction analysis technology

It was proven by Eckhard Hess in 1965 that the pupil enlarges in response to interest. However, until recently, there was no way to accurately and rapidly measure and analyze the changes in pupil size.
This has been made possible by advances in pupil diameter measurement technology using high-resolution camera photography and computer analysis technology. Combining this with proprietary technology developed by Natsume Research Institute, we are providing more accurate and versatile pupil response analysis technology.

  • 1 The system eliminates dark and light responses and the effects of biological reactions such as pulse and respiration, and can extract only the responses based on interest.
    (Patent No. 6651536)
  • 2 It has the criteria necessary to judge the results of pupil diameter change and can objectively assess the level of interest and concern.
  • 3 As it is not necessary to fix the subject's head and body in the same way as watching TV, the burden on the subject is light and the measurement can be performed in a state similar to everyday life.


Our pupil reaction analysis technology
can be applied to all fields.

Our pupil reaction analysis technology can contribute to improving effectiveness and efficiency in all fields.

  • [Security]

    1. · Anti-terrorism
    2. · Automatic driving assistance
    3. · Support for crime prevention activities
    4. · Eradication of false accusations
  • [Labor and industry]

    1. · Marketing (sensitivity survey)
    2. · Stress check
    3. · Reduce occupational accidents
  • [Medical]

    1. · Telemedicine
    2. · Lying patients are removed.
    3. · Objective Diagnostic Indicators for Psychiatric Disorders
  • [Living Environment]

    1. · Optimization of traffic signs, etc.
    2. · Robots and other hospitality-oriented AI
  • [Training]

    1. · Sports
    2. · Education
    3. · Aptitude check




New value for your business with pupil response analysis technology


Natsume Research Institute creates new value in all kinds of businesses, from medical care to education, living environment, crime prevention, and entertainment, by quantifying changes in human emotions through pupil response analysis technology.

Use our pupil response analysis technology for your business.

    1. Representative Director

      Tadashi Usukura

      After graduating from Kokugakuin University in 1990, he worked in sales and marketing for a foreign consumer goods company. He found the company in 2005 and started in the free paper business and expanded into the PPC and smartphone application business. and after selling his company in 2014, he became the representative director of Natsume Research Institute in 2016.

    1. Director of planning and analysis/research and development

      Hachiro Yuge

      Graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University in 1992. In the same year, he joined Fuji Research Institute (now Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.), where he was in charge of consulting services for public institutions. After that, he was engaged in marketing and management planning at a foreign consumer goods manufacturer and an advertising agency. He has been in his current position since 2016. He is a colleague of Usukura from his days at a foreign consumer goods manufacturer.

[Company Profile]

Company name
Natsume Research Institute, Co., Ltd.
Tadashi Usukura
6-13 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0044
Phone number
Capital Stock
65,950,000 (as of August, 2017)
July 16, 2013
Business Description
  • · Basic research on pupil response
  • · Development of measurement methods, analysis logic and (optimization) solutions to utilize information (data) obtained from pupil responses in various fields.
  • · Planning and implementation of experiments for practical use, collection, analysis and evaluation of information, and consulting on equipment and software development
  • · Research and consulting using proprietary technology


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